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Feb 1, 2014

Geeks versus Nerds is recorded before a live audience at Hell's Kitchen in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The geeks and nerds are:
- PigMonkey
- Christy Lee
- Kayla Fells
- Missie Brown
- Amanda Wright
- Cathrine Sanders
- Ivy Jones
Special thanks to Lemon Demon for the theme song Ultimate Showdown and to:
- Strange Adventures
- Giant Robot Comics
- Monster Comic Lounge
- Quantum Frontier
- Power Promotions
- AlphaStrike LaserTag
- and the Last Game Store for prize support
Recording by Matt FitzGerald Chamberlain
Editing by Andrew Dorfman
Project Manager: John Roy
Directed by Jay Roy
Geeks versus Nerds is a Geeksploitation production.